MDM para Big Data & BI

Good analytics rely on good data. EBX helps companies ensure that their business analytics are accurate. Now you can manage the enterprise dimensions and hierarchies used in BI and big data.

Our customers use EBX’s unique hierarchy management capabilities coupled with workflow, versioning and audit trail features to maintain a single, trusted source of analytical master data shared with their data warehouses, big data stores and business intelligence tools.


The goal of business intelligence and big data programs is to provide more timely analysis to help organizations improve their sensemaking, planning and performance evaluation processes.

EBX features

  • Support for any type of hierarchy, including balanced, unbalanced, ragged
  • Derived hierarchies based on relationships in the data model
  • Explicit hierarchies configured by end users on any existing dimension
  • Version control to work on past, present and future dimensions and hierarchies
  • Workflow for change requests and approvals on hierarchies
  • Interfaces to import and export hierarchies to EDW and big data stores