MDM in the Resources Office

Manage and govern employee's data and the HR hierarchies

Companies work so they can keep themselves competitive on nowaday’s ecconomy, and one of their biggest challenges is to manage effitiently their human assets. In order to face this obstacle and optimize employees’ productivity, a comprehensive, precise and global understanding of their data is needed.

This is the reason why employee’s data management, such as local structures, career growth, training programmes, performance evaluation and payment are so relevant to a good human resources management inside of the organization. The staff’s register unified visualization allows companies to adapt to the continous organizational changes, offering human resources better comprehension and improving efficiency of global human resource.

Companies below do use EBX5 to manage HR Master Data:

The capability to access employee’s updated and consistent information is mandatory to bussiness and human resources areas. Eventough staff data is usually centralized on payroll’s systems, they might be shared with a large roll of human resources systems, including carrer management, talents, payment, transfering and skills. In addition, employee’s master data became highly complex, given that they don’t describe just a person, but also it’s attributions and relationships that embrace it’s duties, responsibilities, security privilleges and payment packages.


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