MDM for Sales & Marketing

The Sales & Marketing organization’s contribution to master data across the enterprise is significant and far-reaching. In support of this effort, a single solution must be available that allows shared master data between functions and enables company-wide collaboration.

Product and Services information is highly valuable master data for Sales & Marketing departments because it provides the “who, what and where” of the sales cycle. It is also the most complex data since it defines how a company differentiates itself in the market.

For example, a product catalog is more than just a simple hierarchy of product references arranged in categories. A comprehensive product catalog describes complex attributes, business rules, and inheritance relationships in order to extensively model product characteristics, pricing and packaging. This information is also widely shared by teams and IT systems. One single product attribute can be consumed by multiple ERPs, sell-side or buy-side systems, or business intelligence reporting solutions.

In addition to product information, Sales & Marketing departments also need to manage large sets of master data that define locations such as sales territories, fixed assets including Point of Sale information, and the sales channel (i.e., partners, vendors or customers). When linked, this data resolves conflicts between multiple data sources and serves to form a global definition of the Sales & Marketing master data landscape.

The following summarizes the value Sales & Marketing teams can achieve with EBX5:

  • Powerful Data Modeling and Rules Definition
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Built-in Workflow for Change Management & Approval
  • Sophisticated Version Control
  • Security and Auditing: Who does/did what, when?


Orchestra Networks EBX5 is the first Master Data Management software to provide Sales & Marketing teams with all the features they need for true data governance in one single software solution. The product offers a 100% web-based user interface and enables Sales & Marketing teams to build a single point of governance for all master data. EBX5 offers the most complete, end-to-end MDM solution and addresses data modeling, data quality, data management, data governance, data lineage and data integration.