MDM For Product Data

Do manage and govern product and services information

Product master data are highly valuable to a eficiente sales cicle. A complete product catalogue describes complex atributes, bussiness rules and sales chain relationships, in order to shape product’s characteristics, pricing and packaging.

The product’s atributes can be consumed by many ERPs, CRMs and Bussiness Intelligence solutions. When approved, this data solve struggles from many parts and they are intended to solve conflicts between many data sources, providing a global definition of Sales and Marketing áreas.

Companies below do use EBX5 to manage products master data:


MDM for Media and Entertainment Industry

Digital distribution raised complexity for media suppliers and entertainment’s products. Each channel demands it’s own version and has specific requires over metadata to titles and products.

To studios, channels, producers and vídeo games’ directors, manage all this product’s versions may cause divergence over them. The master data managing sollution can govern the complex hierarchical relationships over channels, products and other domains.